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Hand blended composts to ensure uniformity at all times, we care about your plants
Choose from 2 JANUARY OFFERS
8 Litres SOWING COMPOST-25 Plant Labels & Pencil ONLY 7 saving over 2
1 Pack of 2 Litres SOWING COMPOST, 10 Seed Trays & Labels 
ONLY 3.60 Per pack - 2 Packs for ONLY 7.00
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In The Potting Shed 

In the Potting shed brings the very best in Specialist Composts - Soil Improvers - Pots - 
Orchid Care - Greenhouse Accessories - Feeds - Plug Plants

    We at In the Potting Shed pride ourselves on the Quality of our products
     All composts are in 2 litre space saving bags and are blended by hand so we can 
ususally make up any specfic compost to your requirements at no extra cost, please ask.
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Besy sellers Orchid Bark and Cacti
Just as important as the potting shed is the She Shed so we are adding craft
items for Crafty She sheds too

Plant Care

1 litre Slug Gone wool pellets

£2.90 £3.20

Slug Gone

A Completely natural way to get rid of slugs

Made from British Wool, these pellets need to be sporead around plant then watered, once wet they form a mat that aborbs moisture from the slugs foot making it difficult for the slug to move, it also contains abrasive particles that irritate the slugs foot physically deterring the slug and crating a 100% natural barrier.

For best results, apply Slug Gone in a 4" band around the base of the plant. it also provides a mulch that deters weeds and helps to conserve water

NO chemicals making it safe for children, pets and organic gardeners

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