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Plant Care

20 x 13cm plastic pots - 1 litre pots

£2.55 £2.70

Professional terracotta coloured plastic 13cm/1litre pots by Saparco - a well used name by growers these will last for many years if cleaned after use and stored correctly.

Garden pot cleaning begins with physically removing any dirt that clings to the inside and outside of the containers. Use a stiff scrub brush and clear water. 

Once the pots are clean, make up a large container filled with a 10 percent bleach solution. Use one part unscented household bleach and nine parts water, filling a container large enough to hold all the pots. Submerge the pots and let them soak for 10 minutes. This will kill off any disease organisms that might be lingering on the surface.


Rinse off plastic pots to remove any residual bleach and allow them to air dry in the sun.


Knowing how to clean a container can preserve the health of your seedlings and will give your container garden a new and fresh start to the season. Make a habit of cleaning every pot as soon as it’s emptied to reduce the possibility of diseases being transferred from one group of pots to another.

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